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This balsamic is sweet from the grape of the balsamic and the real fig puree used to make it incredible: this is one of our most versatile balsamic vinegars. The balsamic is from Modena and artfully infused with sun-dried figs from California. Aged up to 18 years with a dash of six star vinegar to reduce sweetness.

Located in Doylestown, in the heart of Bucks County, PA

Serving suggestions

Complements any salad especially one with a salt cured meat, goat cheese, or blue cheese. Makes a great marinade or dipping sauce for meats, fish or poultry. Great in any baking recipes as an alternative. Toss roasted vegetables in fig balsamic and your favorite olive oil or marinade and then roast vegetables. Drizzle on fresh figs with crumbled blue cheese for an appetizer.


Tuscan Parmesan Salad with Pears and Dried Figs - enjoy the taste of figs in this fresh salad.




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