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About Us

Family owned and operated since September 2011

We have always loved food; cooking, working around it and most of all, eating it. It is a big part of who we are. Opening an olive oil shop was not a lifelong dream. Would you believe that our passion lead us here?

A few years back we discovered a shop like ours in another state. We were amazed at the selection, the concept and the excitement we felt tasting each flavor. We left with bottles in -hand joking that we were going to open a shop like this back home. We began developing a plan and it started taking a life of its own and that’s when our passion turned into Olive Oil Etcetera.

Amazingly, we get all of our olive oil from California. We go directly to the grower and have even seen the groves they grow on and the mills where they are pressed. We are so proud to have a shop full of high quality, domestic olive oil. We personally select and quality check everything that enters our shop.

We love having guests come in to sample and share their amazement for domestic olive oil and our imported balsamic vinegar. We are always listening to our customers, researching new products, recipes and staying up to date on news in the world of olive oil. We are passionate about food, our shop, education and our customers.

We look forward to seeing you in our store or shopping here online. Thank you for visiting our site.


Christina Haber, Owner Operator, Olive Oil Etcetera.