Every gift is a customized selection of unique finds in our shop. We can make up a favorite pack for you or help you select from your choices. Please call with questions 267-880-6258, orders must be placed on the phone or in the store. 

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3 pack sample pack of oil/vinegar or 4 pack 

Starting at $19.95 plus tax 

3 Pack sample box

3 pack sample pack

6 Bottle Sample Pack of oil/vinegar 


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tree basket

6 bottle sample pack of oil/vinegar

Wooden Caddy (wording customization avail.) - example shows sample bottles and Italian spices and dish. This caddy can fit an array of jam, sauce, pasta, large bottles, etc. 

Caddy $24.95 (contents seperate)

Wooden caddy with sample bottles and dish

Parchment Bags that fit a single bottle of oil/vinegar 


1 bottle (200 ml or 375 ml) Parchment bag

Also Available are burlap bags.