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Tzatziki Sauce

The origin of Tzatziki sauce is Greece but the flavor is an inspiration for a lighter, more creamy vibrant dish. It screams summer nights to me. You can make this sauce with finely, chopped cucumbers or grated cucumbers. I prefer to have the cucumbers to be more finely chopped as opposed to grated but that is our preference. 

Tzatziki Sauce


-1.5 cups Plain Greek yogurt 

-2 cups finely chopped seedless cucumber or if you prefer to grate the cucumber, make sure to drain it before adding it to your dip. You can drain it with your hands by squeezing it out. 

-2 Tablespoons Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

-2 Tablespoons fresh dill or mint (add to taste)

-1 Tablespoon Lemon juice 

-1 medium garlic clove - minced

-salt, pepper to taste or even a little paprika


Combine all of your ingredients and mix to taste. Adding less or more spices and lemon as you want; if you add too much lemon or spice then you can add more yogurt to make it just right for you. 

Serve with pita, meat, salmon or vegetables. It adds a creamy, flavorful extra to food. I think it also brings different food together if you like to mix flavors.