Wild Blueberry - Alaska Pure Sea Salt

Wild Blueberry - Alaska Pure Sea Salt

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Wild Blueberry

Wild Blueberry bushes grow from the ocean's edge to the mountain's alpine in Southeast Alaska and serve as a traditional food source for deer, birds, bears and people. We anticipate the berries arrival every summer and our time spent in the forests picking them. We hope to give you a taste of Alaska with every pinch of salt.

With a distinct fruity tartness and vivid hue, Wild Blueberry Sea Salt enhances both sweet and savory dishes. Try it on fruit sorbet, on chocolate cake or dusted on a cookie. It's equally delicious paired with wild game, sprinkled on a scallop or clinging to the rim of a margarita glass. 

As with all our salts, Wild Blueberry Sea Salt is created with a real sense of place and true passion for our craft.


Jim & Darcy Michener