Olio Nuovo
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Olio Nuovo


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These two olives made a perfect combination that is crisp and fresh with a peppery finish. it is lighter than years before and has been very popular.

Fresh pressed, unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil from California.This is the first press of the harvest season. Crushed and bottled immediately without allowing the oil to settle. This year the harvest is from two olives and it produced a fruity oil with a hint of apple to the taste. It is very peppery at the finish and leaves a lasting impression. When people taste at the shop, they typically say they have never tasted anything like this before! It is thick and delicious. Our personal favorite! This is a very special oil with a short shelf life. You must use it by April 2017 for the best taste. 

Serving suggestions: Great for dipping bread. Drizzle on camembert cheese, serve with hard salami and bread. Drizzle on caprese salad or use as salad dressing.


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