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Saint Lucifer Jalapeno Table Spice - Saint Lucifer


"Some may say it was born of hubris. Two guys who loved to eat wanted to create a seasoning that would make everything it touched, taste better. No humble task. But in a small row home kitchen, hidden within the heart of Philadelphia, they began experimenting. And blending. And grinding. And tweaking. And tasting. And tasting. And tasting. And in the end, what emerged was a wicked spice so tempting, so delicious, so irresistible it’s almost a sin for food to be present without it. But don’t take our word for it. Give it a try. Just know, once you shake with St. Lucifer, there’s no turning back".- Story of St. Lucifer

Located in Doylestown, in the heart of Bucks County, PA

Serving Suggestions:

Try it on anything avocado or tomato, sprinkle it on fish with a side of creamy mashed avocado or guacamole. Salmon, grilled shrimp, you name it. You can even sprinbkle it on corn on the cobb. 

Salt, jalapenos, onion, cilantro, garlic, citric acid, lime and vinegar. 

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