Olive Oil Etcetera

Bottle of the Month Club Subscription

Method of Recieving:

This subscription entitles you or a friend to one bottle of specialty olive oil or balsamic vinegar each month for 6 months. The subscription is available for the 60mL, 200mL, or 375mL bottles. This is a great way to regularly try our different flavored oils and vinegars, and it makes a fun and unique gift! 

Bottles can be picked up in-store each month or shipped; choosing to ship the bottles adds a $55 flat-rate shipping cost for all 6 months of the subscription. 

Multi-bottle discount applies when purchasing subscription:

  • 60mL- $6 each 

  • 200mL- $14 each (orig. $14.95)

  • 375mL- $16 each (orig. $16.95)

How it Works for online orders that are shipped: 

During online checkout, be sure to add the recipient's address in the shipping section. We will send a physical card and information sheet to the recipient explaining the subscription club and how to redeem their bottles.

Recipients can either bring the card in-store to redeem their bottles monthly, or if the bottles are being shipped, recipients will receive a unique promo code to redeem their bottles online with no cost. 

Flat Rate Shipping Starting at $10

We offer flat rate shipping starting at $10 depending on the state you live in. 

Is this a gift?

If you want your order to be shipped as a gift please include a note to your recipent in your CART. We will take our time and write in out as if we were sending a note to our friend. 

The note section is in the CART section of checkout. 

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