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Organic Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil



A great olive oil for everyday use, it is considered bold but it adds depth and flavor to food from the olive such as a fruity smooth taste and a peppery finish and aroma. 

Grown/picked and Pressed in California 2021 Harvest 

The Koroneiki olive is a Greek variety

Polyphenol total 119 (Range should be between 125 - 250); the more robust, bitter and peppery an oil will increase the total. A mild oil will have a lower total. 

100% USDA certified Organic, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil from California. It is estate grown. Has a smooth taste with hints of green banana and a peppery finish.

Located in Doylestown, in the heart of Bucks County, PA

Serving suggestions:

Complements tomato sauce and bold flavors. Great for bread dipping and salad dressing with some lemon, salt, and pepper to really allow the oil's flavor to shine. Compliments most dishes and is pleasing to most palates, great for dinner parties.


Spinach Pie - Hearty enough for a meal with a lot of spinach, onion and egg but you can add a side of chicken if you are craving a little more. 

Tzatziki Sauce  - Greek yogurt dip is fresh, vibrant and adds flavor to your meals whether it be chicken, fish or veggies or a dip.  

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